• The Hydrology of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs and the ...

    launch into the hydrogeology, and finally, I’ll finish with a little bit of simulation. ... that the coal zones are located predominantly in the Fort ... permeability and rapid localized dewatering and methane. Coalbed Methane Development . Coalbed Methane Development 4 5.


    HYDROLOGIC INVESTIGATIONS AND DATA-COLLECTION NETWORK IN STRIPPASLE COAL AREAS IN NORTHWESTERN NEW MEXICO By H. R. Hejl, Jr, ... of effects of uranium-mine dewatering on water levels, San Juan Basin: ... E. T., 1982, Hydrogeology and water resources of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico: New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources ...

  • Resource Description and Hydrogeology

    Resource Description and Hydrogeology final Page 4 of 32 . Coal seam gas Shale and tight gas Source . Shallow coal seams Deeper shales and tight rocks . ... Requires dewatering of coal No dewatering, but water is used for drilling and hydraulic fracturing . …

  • Mine dewatering techniques - SlideShare

    Jul 31, 2013· Mine dewatering techniques for open pit and underground mines ... • Hydrogeology • Dewatering technology • Environmental sensitivities 5. p>

  • (PDF) Groundwater dewatering optimization in the Shengli ...

    PDF | Impacted by groundwater, faults, lithology, and other factors, the slope of the Shengli no. 1 open-pit coalmine has been in a state of instability. Among these factors, groundwater in the ...


    MINING HYDROGEOLOGY – GCS PROJECT DATA Year Client Project Operation ongoing Exxaro Resources Ltd Numerous Glisa, Leeuwpan, Matla, Thabametsi, Grootegeluk, NCC, ongoing Total Coal SA Ltd Numerous Dorstfontein, Forzando 2012 -2014 African Barrick Gold Completed Bulyanhulu Mine 2013 Eskom Completed Majuba Colliery

  • Some Technical Aspects of Open Pit Mine Dewatering

    Some Technical Aspects of Open Pit Mine Dewatering by V. Straskraba, Senior Mining Hydrogeologist, Dames & Moore, Denver, Colorado, USA In recent years the increase in development of new open pit mines, especially in the Western U.S., is evident. Most of the mining activity is concentrated on open pit

  • Dewatering Active Underground Coal Mines: Technical ...

    In practice, however, there is little or no experience of well dewatering of underground coal mines (except for shaft dewatering) that is available to be drawn upon, and the well dewatering systems that have been published are idealized and not necessarily compatible with field conditions.

  • Callide Coal Mine - Valenza Engineering

    Mineral Resources Hydrogeology – Anglo American Coal Queensland, Australia Anglo American Coal wished to address hydrogeological conditions and spoil stability for a planned dewatering of a flooded pit in order to mine the area. The accumulated water was identified as a risk to the project and a series of piezometers had been proposed to monitor the […]

  • Dewatering - Coal Ash Services

    Coal Ash Solutions can provide coal ash dewatering services, handling dredged ash from an impoundment or accepting flow directly from your plant’s wet ash discharge. We will work with you to select a dewatering process that is most appropriate for your particular facility, based on the method of final disposal, proximity to a CCP landfill ...

  • Coal Mine Dewatering | Coal | SRK Consulting

    Coal Mine Dewatering. Roger Howell and Vladimir Ugorets recently joined SRK (US) bringing with them significant experience in the fields of coal hydrogeology and coal mine dewatering. At the Skyline longwall coal mine in Utah, the two teamed up to determine the source of large, persistent groundwater inflows emanating from fracture ...

  • Dewatering optimization using a groundwater flow model at ...

    The implementation of the dewatering well program and improvements in surface water and in-pit drainage have resulted in increased coal recovery, a significant decrease in mine wall failures, and improved coal quality. Key words: dewatering, modelling, groundwater, open-pit mining, hydrogeology, pumping wells, optimization, monitoring, coal ...

  • Mining Hydrogeology | Skelly and Loy, Inc.

    Mining Hydrogeology. Surface and underground mining dewatering operations may alter natural groundwater and surface water flow systems. Such operations require specialized water-handling procedures to minimize impacts in areas underlain by solution-prone carbonate rocks (e.g., limestone quarries) and underground mine pools/voids and adjacent to sensitive surface water features.

  • Hydrogeology of Indian Coalfields - Energy

    Hydrogeology of Indian Coalfields • Coal occurrences in India are mainly confined to present day river Valleys • Damodar Valley, • Son Mahanadi Valley, • Pench- Kanhan Valley, • Wardha Godavari Valley. • Bulk of coal reserves are confined to the south-eastern quadrant of the country in west Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand Orissa, Chhatisgarh and eastern Madhya Pradesh

  • Hydrogeological and groundwater modeling studies to ...

    The Srirampur Coal field area is a part of Godavari Valley Coal field that belongs to the Lower Gondwana group of rocks. The stratigraphy in the area as reported by is shown in Table 1.Srirampur Opencast Project area is highly complicated block in whole of the Godavari Valley Coalfield.

  • Engineering Services | Griffin Dewatering

    The most efficient groundwater control system can be designed when Griffin is involved in the design process to gather data and understand the local hydrogeology.

  • Hydrogeology and Environment | Itasca International

    Itasca provides consulting services in mining hydrogeology, contaminant hydrogeology, aqueous geochemistry, and seismology. Staff hydrogeologists, geochemists, engineers, geologists, and geophysicists specialize in solving hydrogeologic and seismic related problems in the mining, petroleum, and environmental industries, with extensive experience working with regulatory agencies to achieve ...

  • Design of a Dewatering Plan for a Russian Coal Mine

    Design of a Dewatering Plan for a Russian Coal Mine. Key Features. ... and interviewed mine personnel familiar with the local hydrogeology. Based on these efforts, we designed dewatering wells to intercept the groundwater before it could flow into the mine, thereby …

  • Vista Coal Mine Project Hydrogeology - Alberta

    Hydrogeology portions of Environmental Impact Assessments for coal mine projects in the region, including those of Coal Valley Resources Inc. for South Extension, West Extension, Robb Trend, Mercoal and Yellowhead Tower Mines, which are located 15 to 20 km to the

  • Construction Dewatering | Groundwater Control | Griffin ...

    Dewatering is all we do Griffin Dewatering is the largest dedicated contract dewatering company in the U.S. We manufacture equipment and install dewatering systems for the most complex groundwater challenges in the construction industry.

  • Coal Mine Dewatering | Coal | SRK Consulting

    Roger Howell and Vladimir Ugorets recently joined SRK (US) bringing with them significant experience in the fields of coal hydrogeology and coal mine dewatering. At the Skyline longwall coal mine in Utah, the two teamed up to determine the source of large, persistent groundwater inflows emanating from fracture intersections.

  • Mining Hydrogeology | GCS - Water, Environmental ...

    Due to recent changes in legislation and corporate awareness environmental management is becoming increasingly important, particularly in the mining sector. GCS has undertaken local and international water-related studies for gold, coal, chrome, platinum, copper, nickel, cobalt, and diamond mines as well as heavy mineral sands.

  • Aquifer Testing | Griffin Dewatering

    Understanding groundwater aquifer parameters (hydraulic conductivity, transmisivity and storativity for example) is important in site dewatering evaluation. It is beneficial to both Engineers and contractors to have a good understanding about the hydrogeology of a site before designing and constructing a dewatering system.

  • Dewatering Drilling Services for high-wall stability and ...

    Dewatering Drilling Services . For high-wall stability and groundwater control, dewatering is critical to mine planning and development. Boart Longyear has unique and extensive dewatering technical expertise and boasts some of the largest and most advanced and reliable rigs in the industry.

  • Sibley Quarry, Trenton, MI - Breen GeoScience Management, Inc.

    evaluate the potential impact of coal ash chemical constituents following cessation of quarry dewatering once groundwater encountered the ash, conduct fracture mapping of the quarry faces coupled with discrete fracture modelling to determine if an equivalent porous media approach could be taken to evaluate the hydrogeology and chemical ...

  • Coal Mine Dewatering | Coal | SRK Consulting

    Roger Howell and Vladimir Ugorets recently joined SRK (US) bringing with them significant experience in the fields of coal hydrogeology and coal mine dewatering. At the Skyline longwall coal mine in Utah, the two teamed up to determine the source of large, persistent groundwater inflows emanating from …

  • Dewatering | Australian Water Environments

    AWE was engaged by Alinta Energy to assist with groundwater management and dewatering at the Leigh Creek Coal Mine. This involved the review of available hydrogeological data to gain a better understanding of site hydrogeology, particularly the source and timing of groundwater inflows.

  • Mine dewatering - Wikipedia

    The most relevant concerns with mine dewatering are related to acid mine drainage and the dispersal of contaminated water into other water fonts and the general environment becoming a serious source of pollution. Types of dewatering techniques and systems. Dewatering open pit mines and underground mines is different.

  • Benefits of MINEDW Code for Mine Dewatering Projects in ...

    Mar 09, 2015· Dr. Vladimir Ugorets, Principal Hydrogeologist, has more than 35 years of professional experience in hydrogeology, developing and implementing groundwater flow and solute-transport models related to mine dewatering, groundwater contamination, and water resource development.

  • Mine dewatering - Wikipedia

    In the 20th century submersible pumps offered another innovation in mine dewatering. In the current days the dewatering techniques and systems are so advanced and well defined for each type of mine - open pit or underground - that even mines with thousands of meters deep can be successfully dewatered.

  • Hydrogeology of Wales: Carboniferous aquifers - the Coal ...

    The hydrogeology of the South Wales Coal Measures Group was first described by Ineson (1967) who had the benefit of access to a large number of then active coal mines and the National Coal Board records research departments, now superseded by the Coal Authority. The hydrogeology of the coalfield was later revisited by Rae (1978 a or b?).

  • The True Cost of Groundwater in Mining - SRK

    The true cost of groundwater Todd Hamilton. SRK Consulting (Canada) Ltd. [email protected] March 8, 2016. 2 of 23. ... coal, lignite mines also often high inflows • What to do with excess water? ... • Large scale of mine pits and “ore is aquifer” hydrogeology - dominantly in-pit dewatering…

  • Comparison of Designs for the Dewatering of Coal, Gold and ...

    COMPARISON OF DESIGNS FOR THE DEWATERING OF COAL, GOLD AND DIAMOND MINES IN SOUTHERN AFRICA . DR. K.L. MORTON . ... hydrogeology of the mine and the experience of the operator. 277. Figure 1. Summary of methods of mine dewatering . Coal Mine Drainage . Figure 2, shows the distribution of coal fields in Southern Africa. They are primarily ...

  • Hydrogeochemistry of minewaters flowing from abandoned ...

    Abstract. Although all deep mining has now ceased in the Durham coalfield of northern England, dewatering still continues (in June 1995) in the central area of the Coal Measures outcrop.Beyond the radius of influence of the dewatering pumps, the water table has already recovered, and several uncontrolled minewater discharges are found.

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